Meditation & Ambient Music

The Fate of Auriel EP

The fate of Auriel EP

A 7 song EP with atmospheric ambient textures, eclectic beats and lush evolving pads and synths. ¬ more info

Equilibrium album: Calm meditation

10 Song album: with deep beautiful pads and synths, haunting ethereal female vocals. perfect for work focus, or simply relaxing and chilling out. album length:1 hr 27 min. download/preview ¬ more info

Calm meditation Album
Beauty in the Ancient Mist

Beauty in the Ancient Mist - Songs & Poems (New Book) *

New release 2021 available via Amazon
In a deep frozen forest, I paused for one moment, to observe a single drop of frozen water! As the mist crept through the forest – A single verse of magical text came to me. A fragment of time and space, which I scribbled in my notebook. In one timeless moment, transfixed, as the low sunlight slowly invaded the dark winter forest. I noticed the frozen droplet, shimmer and glisten and reflect back the light of the sun, for a few moments, I sensed the pure peace of creation. I stood back up from sitting on the cold forest floor. I shook myself down and continued my walk. These are the fragments and moments, I wish to share with you.

available in other country's via Amazon *

The Rapture EP

Inspired by my travels and experiences in the West of England in the 1989/90 period. The call and the song of the great mother earth and the hidden beauty therein; this album captures and portrays the light and power of the holy places of Britain. “The Beauty of the ancient mist: as the silver sea sings her sweet and lonely melody, calling us from the depths of our eternity”

The Rapture EP
Of all the Living Days  Album

'Of all the Living Days' 
Album remastered

Deep & soulful, hybrid classical/cinematic ambience

Beyond the Himalayas album

The music has Binaural Beats seated underneath most of the tracks: Alpha and Theta waves. With the music written in 432Hz - 528Hz, 440Hz. This Album with Bonus tracks and extended versions is an exclusive to the 7air download store. Total number of tracks 9 - playing time 1:37:18. Artwork 'The Sleeping Tibetan Monk' by artist Mark Woollacott  

beyond the Himalayas by Richard Marks
Love is the Warrior EP by RDM

'Love is the Warrior' EP

Love is the Warrior 4 song EP by 7air music - written & produced by Richard David Marks. Acoustic Roots Sessions - "raw, simple acoustic'