Of all the Living Days

Of all the Living Days 

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This is an honest account of my life, thirty years ago. 1989-93. It recounts my almost Biblical and apocalyptic visionary experiences. My journey also recalls, the terrible dangers of the mental health act; and the battles with anti-psychotic medicine. The backdrop is the wild beauty of North Devon in the SW of England. I endeavour to lyrically explain the beauty of such a place. As a young healthy surfer, In one day my life changed forever! I explore this time with vivid passion and try to highlight the differences in our approach to mental health issues. At the same time celebrate the power of faith and the true light that dwells within the land.
Author: Richard David Marks

"we can confidently state that your work was found to be a powerful and affecting, topical and insightful memoir, with a wide-ranging scope and an engaging manner of dialogue. The Board commended the ambition of your work and the accessibility of your writing." 

Beauty in the Ancient Mist - Songs & Poems (New Book) *

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In a deep frozen forest, I paused for one moment, to observe a single drop of frozen water! As the mist crept through the forest – A single verse of magical text came to me. A fragment of time and space, which I scribbled in my notebook. In one timeless moment, transfixed, as the low sunlight slowly invaded the dark winter forest. I noticed the frozen droplet, shimmer and glisten and reflect back the light of the sun, for a few moments, I sensed the pure peace of creation. I stood back up from sitting on the cold forest floor. I shook myself down and continued my walk. These are the fragments and moments, I wish to share with you.

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Beauty in the Ancient Mist